Collection: ThankYouX - Limited Edition Collector Exclusive

For a limited time, buyers of a Blackdove 55" Digital Canvas will receive lifetime access to this work for personal display.  This work is exclusively available via Blackdove, making the experience truly a private collector-only experience. 

"Metaversal is committed to the expansion of the digital art ecosystem and believes that the 'Glimpse of Hope' work by renowned artist ThankYouX, from Sotheby's December auction, is an important work to be shared," said Dan Schmerin, Metaversal Co-Founder.  "We have partnered with Blackdove to enable the world to see this work in their own home on the finest digital art display in the market." 

"Blackdove's mission is to deliver the finest digital art installations in the world, and we are grateful to partner which such a leading institution such as Metaversal and artist ThankYouX to showcase 'Glimpse of Hope' through our platform."  Marc Billings, Founder Blackdove.

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